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Is it an apartment? Is it
an office?

No, it’s a coworking space!

Utopianlab is a community of independent professionals ― programmers, designers, translators, writers and other freelancers ― who share a workplace because they want to spend their working hours in a creative and inspiring environment. In our community you not only share a workplace, you share ideas and inspiration every day.


We are located in the hearth of downtown Yerevan: just 2 minutes walking from Republic Square metro station or 4 minutes from North avenue.

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vachagan @vgratian (organizer)
captain jack
gayane @goyushek (full-timer)
php dev, rekwired
armine @tanamasi (organizer)
psycho logist
manvel manvel (part-timer)
adblock+ dev
armine @hrant (part-timer)
madmath scientist, web dev
narek narek (full-timer)
c++/game dev

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- Address: Hanrapetutyan 67/48 (entrance from Tpagrichner street)
- Coordinates: 40.178541,44.518993
- Email: hola@utopianlab.am XMPP: utopianlab@spyurk.am
- Phone: 055 736 732, 093 280 356

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