Is it a house? Is it an office?

No, it's a coworking space! Utopianlab is a community of independent professionals ― programmers, designers, translators, writers and other freelancers ― who share thier workplace because they want to spend their working hours in a creative and inspiring environment.

In our community you not only share a workplace, you share ideas and inspiration every day.

Join us!

Become a member, and you will get:

- Fixed or Flexible workplace (depending your membership)
- 7 days/week access
- Kitchen and coffee areas
- Coffee and tee
- Wifi
- Up to 3 days free access to 450+ coworking spaces worldwide when you travel

We ask our members to pay a monthly or weekly contribution. Currently you can choose between:
- Full time monthly membership
- Part time monthly membership (up to 12 days access)
- Weekly membership

Please contact us for more details.


We are just 2 km from Republic Square, on a quit and safe street. Address: Tskhakhotagortsneri 91/1.


Email: coworking@utopianlab.am
XMPP: utopianlab@jabb3r.org

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